I know what you’re thinking. “Wow that photo is lovely I wish I could own a copy!”

Well, today is your lucky day because there are three ways to buy a print:


Prints and digital downloads are available directly from the galleries. If you preview an image and see a shopping cart icon on the lower portion of the screen, you can order a print. All prints purchased through the galleries are fulfilled by White House Custom Color, one of the best photo labs on planet earth.
If you are looking for framed prints and other products featuring my images, you can take a gander at my Fine Art America store. Image selection is more limited, but product options are more numerous. So it balances out.
If you’re local to the Williamsport, PA area and want to buy directly from me, feel free to contact me or “proof” the images you want. I have been known to produce prints in my basement laboratory using state of the art printing presses and high quality woodcuts.